Thompson Wedding 09/28/19

Here they are, the power couple. I can not think of any better way to describe TJ and Ayanna. As a wedding planner, I have yet to work with a more humble caring couple. These two along with their family and bridal party made being their day of coordinator a breeze and a true honor. Ayanna reached out to us about 3 weeks prior to her wedding after a mishap with her original day of wedding coordinator. Ideally, we like the day of coordinator to be booked at a minimum 45 days prior to the wedding, but there is no challenge M&G can't handle..Right?! Our objective is to engage with our clients and really get to know their personalities, style, and over all wedding day expectations. That can be hard to accomplish in a little under 3 weeks.

From our very first consultation I knew we were going to be able to help pull off a beautiful wedding for Ayanna. We did a crash course wedding planning session, going over everything from the vendor list to venue restrictions and guidelines. Upon leaving the consultation I crossed my fingers Ayanna would hire us. Low and behold a few days later the contract was signed and our real work began!

Fast forward to the wedding day -

Roxan and I arrived at 9:00am at the event hall where the wedding would take place. We began to help the decorator followed by the DJ load into the event space. As we looked around we noticed the tablecloths from the event the night before were still on all the tables. Uh Oh! We had 20 of our own table clothes that needed to be put out an we were on a strict time schedule. Roxan and I began to remove all the table clothes while making sure to take photos to document any stains, rips, or tears. TIP: A good wedding planner will know to do this to protect the bride from any potential liability for removal of venue supplies/decor. As the day of coordinators our job is foresee any possible complications and have a back up plan. Has the bride needed our tablecloth photos? Thankfully no, but we have them. As we began to look around the room while the decorator and her team were setting up, we noticed the table placements were off. The bride was being walked down the isle by both her father and her grandfather as well the isle would be lined with columns. There was no way the current table placements would allow for a wide enough isle space. Time to bust out the tape measure and start rearranging! I will spare you all the details, but lets just say we moved 20 tables and chairs around that event hall more then I would like to admit.

Phew! Finally the table placements are correct and we can begin setting out the escort cards...or so we thought. After looking at the time we had exactly 2 hours to finish prepping the event space and the centerpieces, charger plates and gift table were not out. At that point I knew the decorating team needed extra hands and they needed it now. Roxan and I began filling centerpieces with water running them to tables, grabbing the charger plates and getting them out, building the card box and setting up the table for the unity candle and Lord's supper. As we are starting to put out the escort cards the catering team and serving staff arrive. The staff began to place the water goblets on the table while Roxan and I arranged the tables. Being the detail oriented person she is, Roxan immediately noticed some of the glasses were dirty and a few were broken or chipped. No big deal we were able to get replacements out quickly, but without a wedding day coordinator these details could have easily been overlooked. Let's be real here, setting up for a wedding is time consuming and labor intensive. You need all hands on deck. As I finished doing the final walk through of the room before the ceremony, I noticed all the boxes and totes used to bring in the decor and linens stacked in a corner. A corner at the front of the room that would be visible to guests and hard for the photographers to shot around without having to crop brown boxes out of photos. With absolutely no storage space at the venue and a clock ticking to the ceremony time we had 1 option, back my soccer mom minivan up to the loading dock and fill that sucker full of boxes until the end of the night.

Okay, wedding set up is now complete. We are over our biggest hurdle or so we thought. I may not have mentioned that the father of the bride is also catering the reception. The plan was for him to walk Ayanna down the isle and then immediately head back to the kitchen to prep for cocktail hour. Guests are being seated and we are approximately 15 minutes away from go time and the father of the bride is still in the kitchen. This precious man was working tirelessly making sure everything was perfect for his beautiful daughter. I had to take him by the hand and lead him to the bathroom door to get dressed, because we were 10 minutes away from the ceremony start time. The groomsmen arrive at the venue and everything is moving right along until the father of the bride frantically comes up to me to let me know his jacket and pants weren't in his car at this moment the bride and braids-maids were arriving. Insert panic button now. We had 10 minutes to switch gears and figure out a new game plan. It was so important to the bride that both her grandfather and father walk her down the isle we had to figure this out. Myself and the maid of honor began asking wedding guest...yes you read that right, wedding guests if we could borrow their clothes. Thankfully, we were able to find a guest to loan us his shirt and his pants. So, to the guest who loaned us your clothes, THANK YOU for saving the day.

M&G Weddings is honored we met TJ and Ayanna and their families. The courtesy, kindness, and genuine appreciation we were shown throughout their planning process will never be forgotten. I am typically not a wedding crier, but this one got me and Roxan too! Thank you to the Thompson's and Walker's for allowing us to share your day and we look forward to being apart of your story for many years to come. We wish you all the happiness and love this life has to offer! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Thompson!

Being a wedding planner is more than wedding consultations and timelines. It is about people, families, and making memories. Hiring a planner or day of coordinator is an investment. It is something else to budget for, but at the end of the day it is 100% worth it! You have already spent time and money and countless hours planning you need someone to oversee the plan and direct the day. Being a wedding planner is more than just a job to us it is our passion and every couple we work with holds a special place in our planner hearts.

Photographers: Applehead photography and design

Venue: Opal Event Hall