Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a wedding coordinator?

Having a wedding coordinator is crucial to ensuring your wedding day is stress free.

Having a knowledgeable professional managing your day will take an enormous load of stress off you, your wedding party, and your family.  Your coordinator is the person who handles all the vendor calls, questions, and day of needs so you don't have to while you are getting ready. Your coordinator will ensure the vision you have for your wedding is what you receive. We adjust timelines, cue the DJ, remind the catering staff the toasts are getting ready to happen, so time to pour the champagne! 


What will the coordinator do on the day of my wedding?

The day of coordinator will arrive at the venue as soon as the contract states we are allowed inside. We work with the decorator, catering company, DJ, and the venue staff to prepare for your big day. We check off all the details that typically get overlooked before you and your guests arrive. Do we have the cake topper? What about the unity candle? Where is the guestbook? Is the napkin fold correct?  Does the DJ understand the timeline and does the playlist match our timeline? Are we prepped for cocktail hour and  a smooth room flip during this time? Oh yeah! We are flipping the room while your guests are enjoying cocktail hour and you are having formal photos taken.  


How do I book my coordinator?

We encourage all of our potential brides to review our wedding packages. There is a description under every package detailing exactly what each one offers and how they differ.  We then meet all of our potential brides for coffee (on us) and a consultation. There is a 50% deposit to reserve your date and once this is paid we immediately begin working on your wedding. You will be granted access to our online portal that streamlines the entire planning process digitally. You can also invite your mother, maid of honor, and even the groom to the client portal to review event documents.  


My wedding venue offers a day of coordinator, why would I need you?

Day of coordinators offered by the venue are typically there to protect the interest of the venue. They are the ones to ensure the setup crew is not damaging the venue and no one is in violation of venue policies. While they are a great resource to have at your wedding,  they are likely there to answer questions and handle only venue related issues. (This is not always the case, but can be. Always check with your venue and discuss the day of coordinator roles in detail.) 

We are there solely for you. We are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure there are no flaws or major kinks that happen on your wedding day.  We are directing guests from the ceremony to the cocktail hour. We are working to ensure the photographer stays on schedule to avoid dinner running late. We are making sure the bride, groom, and bridal party have a moment to eat. Think of us as the director of your special day. 

Keep this in mind - Some of the most organized, well run, timely weddings I have worked have both a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator.


Most vendors do not list their prices online. Why do you?

Great question!  We like to present our prices as transparent and honestly as possible. Most consumers  do plenty of research before they ever  reach out to you, why not try and be as forthcoming as possible? Another huge reason our prices are online is for our Brides. We know you are researching and allocating money for all sorts of things right now.  We know giving you basic pricing will help you find where we fit in to your overall wedding budget.


We also understand not all weddings will fit into our 3 standard packages. We can make adjustments to all packages as needed. 



Where are you located and do you travel?

We are located in Braselton, GA. approximately 50 miles from Atlanta. We currently serve all of Georgia South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Travel charges may apply after the first 100 miles.


Will the day of coordinator handle decorating my venue. 

The day of coordinator will oversee the decorating process and set up the couples personal decorations. We will be checking details, placements, and logistics.  We are not the primary decorators for the venue. We will assist the venue staff or hired decorating company, but we do not solely handle set up and breakdown. Setting up and taking down a wedding is labor intensive and usually requires several people. 

We do assist in moving chairs, room flips, and clean up of bride and grooms getting ready space at the venue.